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Midnight Rollers – 80’s HITS!!! …and more…

Event Start Date & TIme: May 31, 2024 18:00

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31 May 2024 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Ellington Jazz Club

Doors 6pm
Show 7:30pm

Remember when you used to watch your favourite MTV videos on the family TV in their full analogue glory? Yearning to hear those tunes played by a seriously talented all-star big band with that phat sound that you know you crave?!

Leave the frustrating Rubik’s Cube at home, grab your legwarmers, pop on the Swatch-watch, and come on down to the Ellington to hear some of the hits that made the top of the charts in the decade we love to hate!

Old is new again and Marty Pervan’s Midnight Rollers are going to belt out all your totally awesome bangers as nature intended – covering every style that a big band can offer, from Swingin’ Jazz, and New Orleans second line street funk, to LA Hip Hop, Mambo, sultry cabaret, and everything in between.

We’ll be throwing everything at this gig so you’ll walk away higher than Snoop Dogg!

The Midnight Rollers will have you toe-tapping and fancy-free from the first note to the last – you may pay for the whole seat, BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!

“You guys make these tunes sound better than the originals!”

“I couldn’t believe you could make that song sound so good!”

The Midnight Rollers are;

Shameem Taheri-Lee – Divinely inspired vocalist, beautifully unique and multi-award-winning soul songstress.

Marty Pervan – Obnoxiously high and loud Trumpet, MD, and herder of cats.

Ricki Malet – Perth Trumpet Royalty – “a sweeter sound you will never hear”. Jazz Trumpet player of choice for serious touring artists. Relishes the opportunity to don the lederhosen during Oktoberfest.

Steve Bickley – Trombonist of South Australian lore. Loves a long drive, and a good hill climb. *Not from Snowtown… honest…

Kieran Hurley – Bionic Bass Trombonist to the stars and vehement Queenslander (but we still let him play in the band). We have the technology…

Erin Royer – Alto Saxophone rock-star – the embodiment of epic-ness and saxophone wizardry. Has one of the largest collection of tools in the band. (Implied connotations are the responsibility of the reader)    

Tom Greble – Hardest working Tenor Sax player in P-town. Coffee-file, woodworking artisan and musical shapeshifter. Probably has the second largest collection of tools in the band.

Alex Boyd – Bari Sax legend of mythological proportions… lightning-fast reaction time and pinpoint accuracy, useful for many situations… some call him a dark horse… some know him as the shadow… we call him “Sir!”

Tom Salleo – The Piano man’s, Piano man of Piano men. Previously a trombonist but saw the light and moved to an instrument that would earn him some money. When he says he’s going for a swim, it might be to Rotto.

Pete Jeavons – Basses of all kinds, professional bear poker and devil’s advocate. Unrivalled memory for names – feel free to test him, especially later in the evening. Happy to engage in pseudo-theosophical debates with strangers as an attempt to alter their belief system.

Mike Pigneguy – International Drumkit Super-Star, can count in tunes in about five languages! Next generation influencer and extremely active composer. *Disclaimer – he may not be able to count in tunes in five languages.

The Midnight Rollers