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Between Marina Lima & Loro Bardot

Event Start Date & TIme: February 24, 2024 18:00

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24 February 2024 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Ellington Jazz Club

Doors 6pm
Show 7:30pm

“Summer is on, a warmth in the heart, this colourful magic, is part of life”.

Award-winning Brazilian singer/songwriter – Juliana Areias, the “Bossa Nova Baby”, invites you to celebrate a rainbow of rhythms featuring the hits of Brazilian 80-90’s pop star Marina Lima, as well as the alluring voice and compositions of Loro Bardot, Brazilian movie-star and singer/songwriter who is currently in Perth.

Part of Marina Lima’s lasting impact on the Brazilian Music scene was to be one of the first pop artists to declare and sing about being non-heterosexual, paving the way for contemporary artists like Loro Bardot. Both of them had their voices showcased as opening themes of major television shows in Brazil and are prominent artists of their generations, with their songs well-loved both inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community.

The Colourful Magic concert will present some of the most iconic songs from Marina Lima’s brilliant repertoire, including “Fullgas”, “Uma noite e meia”, “A Francesa”; as well as an exclusive selection of songs by Loro Bardot. Stand by also to learn a little of the history and interesting stories behind these songs.

For this exceptional concert, Juliana Areias is thrilled to share the stage with the amazing musicians of her Bossa Nova Baby band: Paul Millard (sax/flute), Tommi Flamenco (bass), Francisco Munõz (drums), Rafael Medeiros de Souza (percussion); this time, also featuring Loro Bardot playing piano for the entire night.

Come and discover or rediscover these irresistible tunes and experience Juliana’s “pop” side as she connects with these legendary artists.

Loro Bardot began their musical career at the age of 18 with the release of his first EP “Café dos Pássaros” (Bird Cafe). Despite having started out in music, they hold a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts from ESCH, and their intelligence is focused on physical theater and soundtrack production. In 2015, Loro acted in “Ramp”, an English play directed by Scottish director Shona Cowie about the occupation of public schools in São Paulo. Loro is best known for singing the opening song for the TV series “Assédio” (Globo, 2019) and being featured in GQ magazine as one of the rising voices of 2019, alongside other artists such as Duda Beat, Jaloo, and MC Tha. In May 2021, they released the EP   “Sessões de Quarentena” (Quarantine Sessions), which addressed themes such as desire, death, and the passage of time. In 2023, Bardot made their debut in the film industry in the movie LEVANTE (Power Alley), in which they starred alongside actress Ayomi Domenica. This multi-award winning film was nominated for best movie at Cannes Film Festival Critics Week, and also won the Fipresci prize at Cannes.

Juliana Areias has performed on major stages internationally including the Sydney Opera House, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London, the Green Room in New York, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Auckland Festival in New Zealand and the legendary Beco das Garrafas in Rio de Janeiro. Dubbed the “Bossa Nova Baby” by iconic Brazilian journalist Ruy Castro, her original album “Bossa Nova Baby” won “Best Brazilian Album” at the US Focus Brazil Awards in 2019 and spent five weeks in the US Top 100 Jazz Charts. Juliana has also been nominated five times for Western Australian Music Awards including Best World Music Act and Best Song.

Now it is your turn to feel spellbound by the Bossa Nova Baby, Juliana Areias.

–“The idea of mixing styles and cultures is reflected in Areias’ life and her music.”, Daily Record – USA

–“Rhythmically perfect and passionate vocal delivery. The toast of the Perth Jazz Scene. The release of Bossa Nova Baby has elevated her above a mere covers singer or bossa specialist. The singer excels in an elegant co-composed duet (Belas Artes) with Australia’s finest Brazilian-oriented 7-string guitarist, Doug de Vries” – The Australian

–“We celebrate the changing face of Australian music with Brazilian-born, Perth based singer Juliana’s excellent, Bossa Nova-centred album.” – ABC Radio National

–“It’s bossa that plays soccer with Jazz – as it has since the 60’s – and scoring a goal.” – O GLOBO – Brazil

–”A wonderful Brazilian-Australian bossa nova baby with contemporary bossa nova songs.“– Key and Chords – Belgium

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