Sky Machine

Tuesday 16 February 7.00pm

Sky Machine are a sci-fi inspired jazz fusion group. By combining elements of funk, rock, metal and jazz, this dynamic ensemble creates explosive and vibrant improvisations that explore science fiction narratives.

Join them tonight as they celebrate the release of Chapter 2 of their Prologue series. “Prototype” explores the consequences of what happens when a covert group reverse engineers advanced technology that was recovered from an unknown source in 1947.

Below is an excerpt from the narrative of Chapter 2:

“We are not alone in the Universe. This notion shattered those soldiers’ realities that fateful night in 1947. As they stood there in awe, watching the flames on the spaceship slowly dwindle in the summer breeze, the men contemplated their place in the Cosmos. Where did it come from? Who sent it? And why? These questions and more were churning about in their minds. The commanding sergeant, who was anxiously screaming orders at them, jolted them back to the present moment. They had to move the ship, and quickly.”

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